Verdicts & Settlements

$194,000 Award – Failure to Pay Property Damage Claim

$194,000 Binding Arbitration Award for a couple who’s insurance company refused to pay approximately $4000 in property damage and rental car expenses resulting from a minor car accident in a 7-11 parking lot. Plaintiff claimed bad faith on the part … Continue reading

$600,000 Settlement – Airport Fall

$600,000 settlement for an 82 year old local man who tripped and fell from an airline jet bridge while exiting an aircraft in San Francisco on his way back to Philadelphia. Despite his advanced age, plaintiff made a very good … Continue reading

$450,000 Settlement – Prescription Error

$450,000 settlement for a man who was given the incorrect prescription at a supermarket pharmacy resulting in previously non-existent urination issues. Posted from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, United States.

$2.5 Million Settlement – Pit Bull Mauling / Death

$2.5 million settlement for the estate of a woman who was mauled to death by several pit bull dogs that were returned to the owner by a animal management entities after being previously captured while roaming the neighborhood. Posted from … Continue reading

$780,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Hit by Ambulance

$780,000 settlement for a pedestrian who was hit by an off-duty ambulance making a right turn at a stop sign. Plaintiff suffered head and back injuries as a result of the low-speed collision. Posted from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, United States.

$575,000 Joint Settlement – Rear-Ended Roofing Truck

$575,000 joint settlement for 2 men in a roofing truck that was rear-ended while stopped. The plaintiff vehicle was towing a tar kettle which was struck in the accident. $275,000 was apportioned to the driver and $300,000 to his passenger. … Continue reading

$225,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Struck by Rail Vehicle

$225,000.00 settlement for a young man who suffered head injuries when he was struck by a rail vehicle when crossing the tracks. Posted from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, United States.

$325,000 Settlement – Fall at Doctor’s Office

$325,000.00 settlement for a senior citizen who was knocked to the floor by a swinging door during a routine visit to her doctor’s office. Posted from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, United States.

$275,000 Verdict & Settlement

$275,000.00 settlement for a man who suffered a rotator cuff tear in a trip and fall incident. A jury found in favor of our client for $250,000, but the property owner appealed. After the appeal was dismissed by the PA … Continue reading

$245,000 Settlement – Rear-End Collision

$245,000 settlement for a railroad electrician who was rear-ended in his work truck on the way to a Philadelphia area substation. The plaintiff suffered a back injury as a result of the collision, but was able to return to work … Continue reading